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10/01/2003: Andromeda season start

some thoughts on Andromeda 4x01, mostly I'm confused and not too happy

Or maybe I'm just cranky because it's four in the morning and I'm awake, because I fell asleep unintentionally early in the evening, then woke around half past two, couldn't fall asleep again, and now write blog entries in order to avoid having those insomniac, depressing dead of the night thoughts.

Maybe it is because I haven't watched a couple of episodes towards the end of season 3 -- though I did watch the finale -- but the plot didn't make much sense to me. Or maybe it wasn't supposed to make much sense, after all the ep is titled "Answers Given to Questions Never Asked." But I really didn't get why this Paroo guy turned against the Commonwealth, or even what exactly he did. I mean it was sort of amusing to watch a mad villain who didn't make much sense, but it didn't help me to understand what was going on.

So (as far as I can tell) it wasn't really the Nietzscheans' fault but Paroo used his high position inside the Commonwealth to turn people against each other somehow -- without anybody noticing what he was doing or that he is sort of mad, with some kind of multiple personalities disorder. And he did all this for (or was driven mad by) The Abyss, i.e. the magma-like Maggog chaos guru, whom the crew happens to see while they make use of yet another inexplicable slipstream phenomenon to escape amidst bad effects and lots of techno babble. And then Dylan says that the universe is alive? It would be really neat if the Maggog where right to worship The Abyss by wreaking havoc and slaughtering others and really fulfilling The Universe's will, but somehow I doubt that was meant to be the explanation.

Anyway, I wouldn't have minded that I couldn't quite follow all of the plot, I mean in Andromeda you get these kinds of things, like Kittens of Doom and other bizarre stuff. But the Dylan hero worship was brought to whole new levels in this episode. Seriously, I used to like Dylan, way back, but why does there have to be not only a whole congress full of people applauding and hailing him as hero, and the triumvir declaring "we are fortunate to have you as our hero", no that triumvir also tells Dylan he should just tell the congress that she is with him and his "destiny" something Trance also stressed a lot throughout the episode? Why does the Commonwealth, the universe, and the rest all have to be about Dylan's "destiny"?

I really need to consider not to watch this series anymore. I mean I still like Harper (though I sure wish he'd get to do something besides declaring his loyalty to Dylan's leadership) and more often than not I like Rommie too, but I shouldn't be this annoyed by something I used to like and still keep watching. I mean, once I decided to like something I tend to be a fairly loyal viewer, like "I watched most of X-Files season 8 and even some of season 9" loyal, and it really doesn't take that much to keep me amused, but there are limits. Hmm, maybe I should wait for Viridian5's recaps and decide which (if any) episodes of season 4 to watch based on those.

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