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09/26/2003: Batman #619

So after I got over my disappointment that Batman: Tenses #2 obviously didn't ship this week (my store said it's late, and that it is not my order being messed up again, is that true?), I read Batman #619, and...
(big, honking spoilers for the Hush finale)

...am I the only one who thinks the resolution is kinda lame? I mean, Thomas Elliot is Hush and orchestrated everything as revenge because Bruce's father did save Thomas' mother's life, his murder plot failed, and he didn't get his inheritance early enough? If you ask me that "motive" doesn't make a lot of sense. I mean, what kid (not even a teenager, but a child) wants their parents dead for their money at that age? Either they must have been really abusive (and they don't appear to have been) or Thomas Elliot was born as a twisted sociopath, yet fooled everybody including Bruce for decades that he was a sweet normal guy. And the Riddler of all villains not only found and used a Lazarus Pit, but also discovered Batman's secret identity?

I don't know, the ending sure was surprising, but not in a good way, more like in a "the hell..?!?" way.

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