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09/25/2003: this week's Enterprise

about Enterprise 3x03 Extinction...

I would have liked the episode a lot more if it hadn't hinged on both the Enterprise crew and these aliens who enforce that planet's quarantine being idiots. First, why wasn't there a warning beacon near the planet? You'd think with an awful plague like that they could spare a satellite with a transmitter warning the visitors. Or a guardship in orbit. Or something. And why did the Enterprise crew neither notice the dangerous virus in scans nor has any apparent safety protocols when they visit an alien planet? I mean, their bio-hazard suits aren't such that they couldn't move in them at all or anything, you'd think they might wear them right away if their environment scans for diseases so obviously suck.

But if you ignore both these things the episode was rather fun. Though I still don't care for the massage scenes with T'Pol and Trip. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's kinda gross by T'Pol to put a half eaten peach back in the container with the other ones?

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