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08/29/2003: Amazing Spider-Man #57 (#498)

Wow, that was really fun, in the best classic Marvel superhero way. I mean, the storyline as of now isn't very sophisticated or socially conscious or anything, but Spider-Man fights bulky transdimensional monsters together with the Fantastic Four, Thor and Iron Man, then Doctor Strange appears, explaining that this was actually a ploy by one of his great foes Dormammu, and they all messed things up... It sounds utterly ridiculous, and in a way it is, I guess, but J. Michael Straczynski, John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna created really entertaining 23 pages, and I'm happy that the story leading up to the #500 issue is a classic fun "superhero plot." Of course there is also the usual daily struggle for Peter (right now with the administrative assistant at the high school, among other things), humor and the ongoing romance -- in short, all what makes Spider-Man such a great mix.

The other comics I got today -- and haven't read yet, in an Amazing Spider-Man week I usually start with that one, because it rarely fails to entertain or make me laugh -- are Batman #618, Batman: Tenses #1, Gotham Knights #44, Superman: Red Son #3, Wolverine #4, and Empire #2. So now I'm off again, to see what strange plot twist Loeb has thrown at us this month in Hush...

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