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09/01/2003: a question and some rambling about weird dreams

Does anyone know a community for sharing comic icons? Or a general fandom icon community?

Also, I apologize for being even more boring than usual recently, i.e. for the lack of comic reviews, that I still haven't managed to update my AU recs like I have been meaning to for a while now, that I've totally neglected the Batverse resource site... Somehow I just feel tired all the time, despite sleeping a lot. I had some really wacky dreams too, in one my whole apartment was infested with colorful snails and slugs which were crawling all over the place and even inside the walls, because -- and somehow this made sense in the dream-logic -- my apartment's walls were damp. (*) It was really gross and slimy. Another one was some bizarre superhero/Sentinel x-over dream. I think there were Daredevil, Superman, Green Lantern (?), no idea, but somehow motorcycle repair figured into it very prominently, I remember images of a disassembled bike, with motorcycle parts lying around, and something about a carburator... mind you, I have no clue about motorcycle repair. There was also a plot of some kind in which Jim Ellison worked together with those superheroes, but unlike the motorcycle parts I didn't remember the details of that after waking up.

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