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08/28/2003: silly random X-Men thought

It occurred to me that if the X-Men universe was for real the first people clamoring for mutant screening probably wouldn't even be governments, but insurance companies. I mean, for example a personal liability insurance is one of the common insurances most people (at least here) have, but which company would like to cover the damages for people who when they unintentionally damage something don't just drop their neighbor's digital camera, but could cause earthquakes, flash floods, tornadoes, level city blocks with optic blasts, etc.? I bet that as soon as such abilities became common knowledge insurances would demand proof that your damage risks are ore or less "normal" if you wanted a policy from them, or even more likely they'd just preemptively exclude all mutant power related damages from the coverage such an insurance provides unless you get a special policy. And the whole mutant thing has to be a nightmare for the homeowner insurances too. I can totally see the rates for all kinds of insurances going up in areas with a lot of mutant activity.

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