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10/13/2003: AU recs update

I updated my AU recs page with four new recs, one each in Andromeda, Angel, Smallville and X-Men Movieverse.

I was sure I had bookmarked at least two other AUs, but obviously those bookmarks weren't in the right folder (the one I keep for AUs to be recced) and in general my bookmarks are an organically grown mess, where it is really hard to find something if it's not where I remember to have put it. Kinda like my desk in that way. I mean, I have a tool that will delete dead links automatically at least, but as I didn't loose my bookmark file since 1998, it's somewhat unwieldy by now, despite my intermittent attempts at better organization. Well, I'll remember either the stories or find the bookmarks eventually.

Posted by RatC @ 10:21 PM CET
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