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10/12/2003: see me giggling...

...at The Spectacular Spider-Man #5 (written by Paul Jenkins, pencils by Humberto Ramos, inks by Wayne Faucher).

I'm not enthused with this series, and I'm actually going to drop it now, but I wanted to read the end of the The Hunger story. But I have to admit I hadn't expected this ending. Venom is pregnant?!? It wanted to join with Spider-Man because Spider-Man would be better for its kid, and the cancer that somehow allows Brock to produce a kind of adrenaline Venom needs (if not quite as good as Spider-Man's if I understood correctly) is obviously not good enough for pregnant aliens. Anyway Spider-Man tricked Venom to join with Brock and now there's canon MPREG. Venom. Pregnant. Somehow I find that amusing even though I barely know the character.

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