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04/30/2003: a quick comic rec: Gotham Central

I just finished reading the first six issues of Gotham Central, written by Greg Rucka (the first five together with Ed Brubaker), art by Michael Lark. Gotham Central #1-5 are one arc, in Gotham Central #6, the newest issue, begins the new one, and I really enjoy the concept. It's about the GCPD and how they deal with the lunatic freaks and the Batman issue, as well as with "regular" crimes, and what impact (also psychological) it has on police that there's a vigilante like Batman in their city. At first I was a bit confused, because the series introduces a lot of characters really fast, and sometimes I had problems matching the first names to the last names to the faces, but overall I enjoy getting to know the GCPD better. Some of them already appeared in other Batman titles briefly, but now they are the main characters.

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