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04/29/2003: slow progress

The last days I've managed to add about one comic a day to my detailed Batverse Resource site. So now you can look at detailed descriptions of Nightwing #1-8 in addition to details about Gotham Knights #14-21, if you're interested in where exactly we see Dick's Bat-Logo coffee mug and similar things.

So that now leaves 72 Nightwing issues, 4 Nightwing mini-series issues, three more Nightwing specials, 32 more Gotham Knights issues, about 210 Batman issues (with the, not totally arbitrary, cut-off point of the Year One storyline in 1987 for things relevant to current continuity), about the same number of Detective Comics, 94 Shadow of the Bat issues, 54 regular Birds of Prey issues, about ten more BOP in mini series and specials, 94 of the first regular Catwoman series, 18 in the current Catwoman series, 113 in the current Robin series, about 15 more in previous mini-series and such, 23 Batman Chronicles, 166 Legends of the Dark Knight issues (though I'm not sure whether all of those are part of the continuity), about 40 Batgirl issues, 100 Azrael issues, 30 Harley Quinn issues, Annuals and Secret Files issues for nearly all of the above, the Year One specials, and a couple of mini-series that are in continuity (like Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Family, Joker Last Laugh etc), i.e. easily more than 1200 comics, to go. Not counting the potentially relevant Titans, Teen Titans, and New Teen Titans issues. Those are probably in the hundreds too. *grin*

At least so far I only own about 250 of those comics...

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