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04/23/2003: Giz and Mouse

I really liked Giz and Mouse in Hunt For Oracle, and now I've just read Nightwing #55, the scene where Blockbuster lets the contract killers and other villains fight against Shrike, to see who's the "fittest" to get Nightwing. Giz and Mouse are on the sidelines as Shrike beats Stallion to pulp, and I just love the third panel on page six: Mouse looks away, Giz covers his eyes with his hand and also turns his head, his distressed squirrel covering his head trying to hide, and Mouse says "Giz..." then Giz "I know Mouse, this is not our scene." the squirrel "chee!" And later they (predictably) pass fighting Shrike. Somehow Giz and Mouse are just, uh, "cute" in a way. Likable, and not totally messed up. I have to find out in what other comics and series Giz and Mouse have appeared so far and track down copies of those issues...

Uh, just sharing my delighted "squee" moment, I guess.

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