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10/12/2003: Jeremiah season premiere (not spoilery)

Yay! I watched the Jeremiah season premiere and liked it very much. It's been a long time since season one of ended (July last year), and I haven't rewatched, but the season opener did a good job of getting me into the series again. I won't comment in detail because it's a two parter and I'll wait until the next episode, however it still has me hooked, not just with the cliffhanger. I'm not sure yet what to think about the "Mr. Smith" character Sean Astin plays, but I like the actor in general so I'm pleased that he's going to be a regular. Anyway, it's good to have the series back.

So to celebrate the season opener and to pimp my fandom, here's a list of reasons why I like Jeremiah (incomplete, but a start):

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