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09/18/2003: that Superheroes Unmasked documentary...

I managed to find a copy of that Superheroes Unmasked documentary that aired a while back on the History Channel (I think) in the US. There wasn't much that I hadn't already heard or read elsewhere -- as usual with any tv documentary about comics -- but I still have two comments:

1. Those early Wonder Woman comics? Just wow, if those bondage fantasy panels they showed are any indication for the book as a whole, it is way kinkier than I had thought. But I guess considering how common such fantasies are, it's not surprising that the book sold. And I really have a hard time believing that the audience (its teenage and adult parts at least) didn't notice. Whether they thought of it as kink or not, I bet a lot of readers liked it because of the BDSM fantasy parts. Seriously, when your sexual kinks are hit by something you tend to notice, as in have some enjoyable reaction, even if you don't think of it as "sex" necessarily.

2. I'd really like to read those Green Lantern/Green Arrow books by Neal Adams and Dennis O'Neil with the "social issues" themes. Unfortunately it seems they aren't available as a TPB, the only recent collection I could find was an overpriced HC which not only had a cover price of $75 (!), but is also out of print. The cheapest option to get to read the stories seems to be tracking down issues of a reprint series DC did in the early 80s, which seem to sell at reasonable used comic prices of $2-3 where issues are available. There also seem to be two paperbacks from 1972, but I'm not exactly sure what they reprint and whether those collect everything. (Yeah I'm procrastinating by browsing comic book sites, stores and the like, how did you guess? *g*) Anyway, I'm not sure I want to make the effort to get those. I mean, I'm curious about the comics, but it's not like I really care for Silver Age Green Lantern. I still can't believe DC doesn't have a collection in print, they even mention those Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics on their own "About DC" page.

Also, my DSL is wonky, it disconnects randomly, and I have trouble reconnecting, which sucks.

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