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09/16/2003: This week's OC

My thoughts and one question regarding The O.C. 1x07 The Escape...

I guess it's the prerogative of teenagers to arrange their lives according to their histrionic vision of melodrama, so Marissa's actions might (maybe) make sense for a teenager, but I still found the whole (attempted) suicide plot totally annoying. And the last scene with Ryan holding Marissa while Seth and Summer are shocked might even have been heartwrenching if I wasn't fairly sure that the scene doesn't mean they killed one of their main characters one third into the first season. Maybe my melodrama tolerance just is too low.

For me the highlights of the episode were oddly Seth and Summer snarking at each other. I found that quite fun to watch.

My question is this, how can Ryan even go to Mexico? Isn't he still on probation or something like that? I would have thought that one of the requirements would be not to leave the country. But then maybe I'm either overthinking this or too clueless about the US justice system, or probably both.

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