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09/14/2003: Daredevil linkage

I was browsing The Continuity Pages earlier, as I linked to the annotations for 1602 in my previous entry, and I found a continuity page for Daredevil, which is a useful overview of the storylines and already has a lot of info on both the first and the second volume of the series. Also useful for me to see which TPBs collect what, so that I can decide which ones I'll probably want to get eventually. There are also annotations for the Bendis / Maleev run on Daredevil, so far only the ones for Underboss are completed. It's not so much annotations for arcane references or anything like that, but it's always interesting and fun to read other people nitpicking comic issues. (I haven't looked at Julian Darius' annotations for The Elektra Saga as I haven't read that comic (yet), but that's there as well, in case you're interested.)

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