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09/11/2003: some tv comments

My thoughts on the latest O.C., the Enterprise season premiere, and the Jake 2.0 Pilot...

The O.C. 1x06 The Girlfriend:
Once again we have a party, which, once again, is supposed to be a special and extraordinary party, and I can't be the only one sick of the parties, can I? Can't these people have sex and relationship crises without having parties each time either happens? I wish the series would explore some other settings. I'm wondering by now whether we will get to see school eventually or whether it's just going to be various party settings forever. As usual the characters were either adorable or hot or both, so at least there was no lack of eye candy. But I really wish Everwood was back already then I could have adorable teen angst eye candy without the constant (beach, pool, birthday, charity, whatever) party. At least the plot this week highlighted some really twisted family stuff, and I liked that Ryan wasn't all moral about getting it on Gabrielle.

Enterprise 3x01 The Xindi:
I think it's interesting that Enterprise seems to be going for much less humanoid aliens than is usual for most of Star Trek, I liked to see aliens that were different. Though I was a bit confused: Were the council we see at the beginning all supposed to be Xindi just different kinds or was that an alliance of some kind? All this time traveling stuff is making my head hurt like usual, and I didn't think the plot was all that great, though I liked the ruthless mining operation captain. On a completely shallow note, I don't like T'Pol's new look, and I could have done without the scene with T'Pol and Trip, when they do this Vulcan massage thing.

Jake 2.0 1x01 The Tech:
I liked this. It has potential, and it was fun. I hope the series will survive at least for a while. I liked the actor who plays Jake back when he was in Odyssey 5 (sorry, I'm really bad with names, so I don't remember his), and I like Jake as character. I could totally see his mixture of being terrified and thinking how cool the nano technology that's infested him is at the same time, and I'm a sucker for the geek/superhero combination anyway, as my love of Spider-Man shows.

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