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09/04/2003: Everyone Else's Fandoms Meme

Lemming, lemming, lemming... ;) Gacked from reetchick.

(While doing this meme, I noticed that I'm fairly familiar with far too many shows and fandoms, also, I'm not very funny in describing those I don't know.)

*N'Sync: It is possible that either the * or the ' or both belong at another place in the proper fandom name. In that fandom all things are very sparkly, also the pairing names have no discernible connection to the characters/people, well not discernible for the outsider at least. There is also a lot of theory behind whether the RPS characters are more "real" persons or "fictional" personas and it's all very postmodern. Anyway, there is the Timbertrick, the Trickyfish, and probably a myriad of others, since with five people in a boyband -- I think there are five -- there's a lot of combinations. I can never quite remember all the names of the bandmembers, there's a Justin, a JC and I think a Lance, but other than that I'm not sure. There is also a Trace, but I don't think he's in the band. Actually I'm not sure there even still is a band as I see mentions of solo albums and the like. Also Brittney Spears figures somehow into this, I think as an (ex-?)girlfriend of someone.

Weiss Kreuz: It is an anime, I think about assassins, some of the characters may be psychotic. Weiss Kreuz is I think a group name for an organization. Also for some reason there are a lot of German story titles, sometimes oddly spelled, and some of the Japanese (?) characters have German names, like Schuldig.

Blake's 7: It is a British space show from the 60s (?) I think about a crew of outlaws. There's a Blake, and an Avon, and a Villa (sp?) and I think there is a woman as well on the crew. I think it had a very unhappy ending where everybody died. There also was a famous incident in the fandom where someone showed slash to an actor at a con and flame wars devastated the land, er, fandom in the wake of that.

Dr. Who: Another British show, a very long running one. There have been a lot of Doctors over time, but I don't know why they changed so often.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: There are five gay guys who are reforming straight slobs to a more adult and style conscious life so their poor girlfriends and mothers don't suffer quite as much. Also, everybody who watches this show feels soon afterwards compelled to clean their kitchen, renovate their house or to have a makeover. I think it might be because of sublimal messages in the tv broadcast.

Pirates of the Carribean: It's a movie about a Disney theme park attraction with a gay pirate Captain named Jack Sparrow. I've heard there are skeletons in the movie. Other than that I'm clueless.

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