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08/22/2003: Outsiders #3

Should I feel pathetic because so far getting my comic subscriptions has been the highlight of my week? I'm green with envy of those who had so much fun at ViVidCon. I want to have fun fannish vacations, too. But back to my intended topic --

Outsiders #3 (written by Judd Winick, pencils by Tom Raney, inks by Scott Hanna)
This issue had some really good lines, I'll give it that. What annoys me is that this is the third issue and I still don't feel like I know all the team members, I probably couldn't even pick the characters belonging to some of the names out of a line up, actually I don't think I could list all the names of the team, yet still this issue barely gave them room at all. You could think Lex Luthor and the Joker were the main characters of the series.

I'm not against issues focusing on characters as protagonists that aren't the heroes, but I really think a series should only do that after we got to know those who are supposedly the main characters of the series. A whole issue about the Joker and Lex Luthor frelling each other is all well and good, and it was fun to see quips like Metamorpho's "Wow. A half-naked President being tortured by the Joker. One usually has to surf the web for images like this." And obviously the (twisted) slash fan inside me squeeed quite a bit at the dialog between the Joker and Luthor, so I had at least a bit more fun than with the last issue. But I want to know the heroes before I get the Luthor/Joker special.

The other comics I got this week are Arrowsmith #2, Batgirl #43, Birds of Prey #58, Robin #117, and Superman: Metropolis #7. I'll probably talk about some of them later.

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