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08/16/2003: Nightwing #84

The good thing about today (well technically yesterday), apart from blessedly cool weather, was that I picked up my comic subscriptions for this week -- btw in case you're curious, the bad thing was mostly crap related to my dentist visit.

So this week's comics for me are Amazing Spider-Man #56 (#497 in their new "old numbering" scheme, and seriously if their five hundred mark was so important to them, couldn't they have anticipated that a few years back and not switched numbering in the first place? I find this renumbering business highly annoying each time it happens with a continuous series), Batgirl Year One #9, Fables #16, Gotham Central #10, Nightwing #84, Spectacular Spider-Man #3, and 1602 #1.

I haven't read them all yet, but I felt the urge to comment on Nightwing #84, after I read trixie chick's review of the issue. So, --

Nightwing #84 (written by Devin Grayson, pencils by Rick Leonardi, inks by Jesse Delperdang)

Unlike trixie chick I like the issue overall, though I had some problems with it too. I can go with Nightwing's somewhat self-doubting internal monologue, especially right now when he's frustrated about loosing his police job. I'm not entirely certain, but I think this self-doubt is more a sort of retcon trend in the character than a mischaracterization, probably tracing back to how the defining early Two-Face incident gets updated/changed with disturbing frequency recently. I'm not against Nightwing doubting himself as long as it stays within reasonable parameters, and clearly in this issue he doesn't have a good day. But I was also startled that the issue started at the refinery, when the last issue ended in the middle of a conversation between Amy and Nightwing.

The reporter, Maxine, doesn't seem like a Mary Sue to me. I actually liked that for once a reporter seems to do basic research and look up some records etc., so I'm rather pleased with that development. I mean, it can't be hard to find out that Dick Grayson was first Bruce Wayne's ward for years, and then was recently adopted.

I'm less fond of the Tarantula parts however. I'm willing to wait whether it will make sense eventually that she's decided to work for Blockbuster, but I also found it hard to believe that she could take down Nightwing, even an injured Nightwing. I also would really dislike if Blockbuster found out Nightwing's (not so secret) secret identity for certain, which seems unfortunately likely right now.

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