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08/13/2003: summer tv: 1-800-Missing, Dead Like Me, QEftSG

While the weather report said it was slightly cooler today ("only" 33C/92F opposed to 36C/97F yesterday) it felt worse. There was even less of a breeze and the humidity was high. I felt hot and sticky all day. So I didn't do much of anything, except for watching tv.

I watched the first two episodes of 1-800-Missing, a show about an FBI agent, Brooke Haslett, who's paired with a psychic, Jess Mastriani, and rather liked it. I think the dream sequences are well done, and those in the second episode felt really creepy.

I also watched the most recent Dead Like Me episode, the seventh(?) I think, and it's still funny, but IMO it somehow flagged a bit since the first episodes.

And I managed to get my hands on a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episode -- not this week's I think, but last week's -- to see what (some of) y'all are talking about, and I thought it was funny and entertaining, though not without cliches. Also, even if gays had a better fashion sense and such, the target had problems that were obvious enough that it didn't need a "queer eye" to see them. I mean, that apartment had more clutter and an even more dubious state of cleanliness than mine, and I'm a total slob with a pile of dishes that usually verges on the edge of developing consciousness.

Totally unrelated: I want to say that having a mosquito bite on the sole of your foot totally sucks, especially when you're allergic. I didn't even know they could bite there, but they obviously can. *whine, whine, whine...ahem*

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