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08/02/2003: miscellanea: WIPs, flashfiction communities, x-over dreams

I haven't read a lot of HP fiction (yet), but it has happened twice now that I followed a rec, and the story turned out to be a WIP, just the rec hadn't said so. It's not that I have a problem with WIPs, in fact I quite enjoy reading stories as WIPs (as I tend to point out at every opportunity when the subject comes up on lists, and someone argues that they wished authors would post only finished things), and I'm following plenty of WIPs currently, however for some reason -- I'm not exactly sure why -- I find it jarring when I read a story expecting it to be finished, but then it is not. I mean, I rec WIPs too, but I point out if a story isn't finished in the rec.

Another thing I noticed as I was browsing for fic are differences between the flashfiction LJ communities in different fandoms. I came across Sentinel Thursday and somehow I'm not surprised that the TS flashfiction community is the only one I've seen so far that requires gen/het/slash labels and warnings for the posted snippets.

Also, I had the weirdest x-over dream last night. I don't remember much but the universe was an odd mix of the Batverse with Harry Potter; the aesthetics definitely Gotham, that is it was dark, the color mood was sort of night blue and of course it was raining, however there was HP-style magic, and I think both some HP and some Batverse characters made appearances. Unfortunately there was also me and family in that dream, and the main thing I remember plotwise was my dad chewing me out for being such a slacker and not having finished college yet, yadda, yadda. Well at least it happened in a cool setting, though I think it's a shame my subconscious wasted the backdrop mostly on the standard parent-conversation rerun (conversation is used loosely in this context) instead of focusing on some interesting action-adventure, mystery or smut. That are the moments I wish for lucid dreaming. I could have just tuned out the family stuff and followed some x-over adventures instead.

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