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07/25/2003: AU recs page update

I've updated my AU recs, five SV recs, one XMMV.

Also, I'm considering starting another specialized rec page, this time for future fics. In several of my current fandoms the main speculative form is futurefic not AUs, and though I really like that genre as well, I don't want to mix them into the AU category, unless they are clearly AUs (from the standpoint of current canon, which is an important distinction in fandoms like SV, where there is a certain expectation what the future is going to look like, but based on current SV canon it could be all kinds of different things).

Future fic is of course as blurry as any other genre, but I'd intend that rec page specifically to the speculative kind of future fic, not just any story set after a series canon. For example a TS story set after the series finale that still is very much like a TS episode is not really future fic for me. For me future fic are speculative stories, that while not currently contradicted by canon, are still describing scenarios centered around a "what if" question much like AUs that are unlikely to "really" happen in the series itself or its larger canonical context for the future (like Superman for SV).

I haven't seen any existing rec pages specifically for future fic, so it might fill a niche. I'm always surprised how few (thematically) specialized rec pages are there in general.

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