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07/12/2003: my sister's dog and other possibly boring miscellanea

So, I finally decided to read the Harry Potter books after all. I borrowed the first three from my sister today. When I went to fetch the books, I got also roped into walking my sister's dog. You see, a couple of days ago my sister tore the ligaments in her right foot, so at the moment she can't really take her dog for walks, a dog which she hasn't gotten too long ago from a shelter, at the end of March I think.

Thus I got dragged through a park by a smelly Jack-Russell terrier. Well okay, it wasn't that bad, the dog, called "Lulu," is really rather sweet and good natured, she just would have liked to walk a lot faster than even my brisk walking speed, and I couldn't let her off the leash, because a) that's not allowed in that park, b) this dog likes to hunt and I had to drag her away from going into direction of the ducks as it were, and c) my sister is still working on getting her dog to return reliably, instead of jumping into the nearest body of water for some fun, just to return a good while later. Well, at least on regular streets she walked beside me without pulling on the leash all the time, but obviously in parks the rules are different. And though she happily dragged me through the park, she was even happier when she got back to my sister, not that surprising, since this was the first time I went with her anywhere. I mean, I've seen this dog maybe six times since my sister got her, and it's not like she really knows me (that doesn't prevent her from rolling on her back and wagging her tail, expecting to have her belly petted, the moment she sees me -- well after she has barked for a bit -- but that behavior seems to happen with everybody regardless of whether she's familiar with you or not, as long as you stand near-by and look like a good candidate to give her some attention).

Anyway, I also got the new Nightwing #83 today, about which I'll probably write an entry eventually. My most superficial observation: I don't get why they changed the Nightwing logo on the cover, I think the new writing in the title is rather nondescript, and liked the other one better.

I also read the first two issues of the Titans series from 1999, but that is going to be a separate entry as well. For now I'm just going to say that I blame Lucy that I'm starting to see slashy Nightwing/Superman subtext everywhere.

And now I'm off to read the first HP book...

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