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06/15/2003: SG-1 Fallen/Homecoming

Thoughts on the season seven premiere of Stargate... (contains some spoilers)

I've never watched SG-1 very attentively, and maybe the plots haven't gotten worse, but I'm not really fond of episodes that have them running around on a big Goa'uld ship (again) and blowing it up eventually (again). I think I like episodes better with less spaceship fights and more planet stuff, and anyway why did they make the attack on the ship (with Sam and Jack flying close to the ship's surface etc.) look like a lame Star Wars reference?

I would have been okay with an uninspired plot, if they had followed through on the interesting character stuff, but they didn't really deal with Daniel and his memory loss and regaining of it either. And am I the only one who thinks it was weird that Daniel didn't seem to have much trouble with 21th century American technology and surroundings when just moments before he declared that some tent of a nomadic tribe is what he now knows? I mean, he had two months to get used to their culture, which on some level (since his memories turn out to have been only buried not lost) might have even felt similar to whatever he was used to on Abydos, and thus familiar to "home" or at least one of his homes, so I had assumed that he would have used whatever knowledge or believe system those people have as a frame of reference to make sense of his situation. Okay, two months isn't that long, but if it's all he knows, it's bound to have an impact. And yet, once he's back at SG-1, it's as if that hadn't mattered at all. I found that very dissatisfying.

I rarely read SG-1 fanfic, but I'd like to read fanfic that addresses his acclimatization a bit more realistically (or at least in a more interesting way).

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