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05/19/2003: Gotham City Secret Files & Origins

I got a copy of Gotham City Secret Files & Origins from April 2000 today, and it's a neat resource on post-NML Gotham City. It has a city map, that shows key locations (not very detailed, but it still gives a general idea), conceptual sketches of part of Gotham City's skyline and some of its memorable buildings, and a plan as well as overview sketches of the Batcave, all of which might be quite useful for fan art (probably also of interest for fanfic). Sure, you can see all of that elsewhere too, but I think it's still nice to have some of that in an easy to find issue with at least some annotations. And the one longer story telling the first meeting of the new Batgirl with Catwoman (written by Scott Peterson and Kelley Puckett, pencils by Paul Ryan, inks by Walden Wong) was quite enjoyable too, and introduced several areas of the rebuilt Gotham as well. Though I would have liked some more info about Gotham and its buildings, and (as usual) the "profile pages" on characters are not particularly interesting or informative.

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