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05/04/2003: little green, uh, grey men - no wait it's alien worms...

For the most part my DC reading is confined to Blüdhaven and Gotham. Blüdhaven has criminals and the occasional psycho, Gotham has lots of psychos as well as its share of regular criminals, but the cosmic power struggles are mostly absent, or rather happening elsewhere. Still, some overlap with the rest of the DC universe is inevitable and there aliens, energy beings, time manipulations, cosmic incidents and the like run rampant. And I'm wondering if there's any kind of system to the aliens that made some kind of contact with earth in the DCU, or, like, consequences of these contacts beyond the odd superpowered (half-) alien and some (near) apocalypse or dropped off death machine every now and then.

Okay, there's Superman from Krypton, and since that planet's been destroyed it's understandable that there isn't much contact or further consequences (except for evil AIs and such, of course). But it's not like he's the only alien running (or flying) around on the DCU earth. I have no idea which aliens were the first ones humans in the DCU encountered, or since when they know they're not alone, but in the present day there are plenty of aliens, and they don't seem to have to hide. I guess when you already have Atlanteans and descendents of Greek Gods running around aliens don't really make a difference anymore, but still...

You have anything from kids that are the half-alien genetic experiment for an invasion force (or something like that, I mean Argent), to fugitive alien princesses now working as supermodels (i.e. Koriand'r), to the alien "Mr. Mind" worm, and I'm not even reading the titles that really have all kinds of aliens in them, like the Legion series. And I wouldn't have a problem with that, except that there doesn't seem to be any system to this beyond the convenient use of the "alien" explanation as a deus ex machina plot device for all sorts of things. I just can't help my impression that the DC first contact scenarios are about as well thought out as the DCU timeline continuity, which is not very.

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