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03/09/2003: at last...

I have finally created the Other Comics page with comic recs, or rather artist recs for the most part. It's far from complete, but much better than the eternal "coming eventually" place holder. I decided that if I wanted that page to be something other than "coming eventually," I had to settle for something less ambitious than the page I originally envisioned. But well, that page didn't materialize for several years, whereas the current version took maybe a day and a half of work, and that included scanning and selecting little sample cutouts from comics, so aiming lower had the positive effect that the goal was actually achievable. I mean, I can still expand it to reflect my initial idea, but at least there is some content there now, and I don't have to live with the place holder any longer. I myself hate it when other web sites have lots of "coming soon" areas, after all.

So instead of doing comprehensive real recs of most of my favorite comics, I just selected a few artists (based on no system in particular), and for now settled on starting an artist list, and just name some of my favorite comics by some artists. It is much less informative than I want it to be, but I guess it's still better than nothing. I also indexed the comic reviews I posted in this blog so far over there.

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