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02/28/2003: Odyssey 5

Sigh. Of course I knew that the series has been canceled, but I had hoped that the series finale would bring at least some partial closure. Spoilers for Odyssey 5 1x20 Fossil ahead...

Instead it ends with a cliffhanger and adds even more questions. Angela is kidnapped and we don't know by whom, it turns out "The Cadre" inside of NASA is working against the sentients and not with them, but Leyton Scott turns out to be a collaborator, who cut a deal to get his illness healed. And the whole rest of the backstory is just getting more and more complicated, and I have no real idea why the moon rock (that turns out to be an artificial Mars rock or something like that) stops or rather resets the attacking sentients who are trying to get it. More hints that there are different factions within the sentients as well, but I guess I'm never going to find out.

The complex twists would have been cool had there been a second season, but after watching the last episodes, I can see why Showtime thought that the episode 1x14 Skin was a better cut-off point once they decided to can the series.

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