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01/19/2003: fan art

So, I skipped the sleep tonight (I don't get up before 8 a.m. on a Sunday), but I can show the result of my sleepless night (well actually of the afternoon, the evening, the night, and the time I spent sketching on Friday): I finished the illustration for Lucy's Nightwing/Superman story Secrets, the one that I mentioned here on Friday. I decided against inking it, because I quite like the look now. It's not great, but considering that I've never drawn superheroes before, it doesn't suck too badly. As a side note, I not only have problems with the tights and the muscles, drawing people kissing is frelling hard too.

You can take a look here. It's about 74K.

I hope you enjoy the picture (and make sure to read the fabulous story too, if you haven't already). As with all the artwork I put on my site, downloading or printing for personal, non-profit use is okay, copying or distributing without my permission is not.

Posted by RatC @ 08:11 AM CET
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