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12/31/2002: FOTR DVD, new Farscape, other stuff

I bought the extended DVD edition of FOTR, and while I haven't gotten around to watching the commentary and extras yet, I watched the expanded version of the movie itself recently. I didn't like all extra scenes equally, but I loved the additional parts with the fellowship in Lórien, and enjoyed also the scene with Aragorn at Gilraen's grave, especially because it showed more of Elrond's relationship with Aragorn beyond their differences over Arwen. The scene in which Aragorn and the hobbits trudge miserably through the Migdgewater Marshes had a certain appeal too, but I can see why it didn't make the cut. There were other expansions too, but the ones above I liked best.

Totally unrelated to the above, my seasonal comment of the day is that I really dislike the firework explosions that have been starting the last days. I mean, on New Year's Eve itself there are so many outside that the constant explosion sounds just become background noise at one point, but right now there are still long quiet intervals which are then suddenly interrupted, and if the explosion is loud enough, I will even flinch sometimes. I have been always timid with fireworks. When I was a kid and went outside with my parents and my older siblings, I never liked to do the bigger firecrackers, actually not even most of the smaller ones, even though all assured me that it was harmless and that I shouldn't be so hesitant. Nowadays I don't do any firecrackers or fireworks myself, and actually I avoid being outside at the height of their popularity, that is the hours around midnight. There are enough people out then who are too drunk, silly, or careless to really watch where they are throwing this stuff, and sometimes you'll get people throwing firecrackers from their balconies and windows above for good measure, which makes getting from one point to another something for which you have to be really alert (like for fast dodging). I noticed that a few times when I was with friends just a couple of blocks away from me, and then walked home late. I guess you could argue that I was just too sober, because drunk I probably wouldn't have cared that much about people throwing explosives, and still gotten home fine (like most other people walking outside then).

Anyway, that's one of the reasons why I don't go watch the professional fireworks (which I like to watch) at places where many people are either, I really don't feel comfortable inside a crowd of a couple of thousand (partly drunk) people, some of whom will throw their own firecrackers and have their own rockets while being there. Also inevitably you have to be really alert while using public transport that night, and taxis are quite impossible to come by. The one time I was using the metro at New Year's Eve late was close to horrible and I was even with friends then. Crowded masses of drunk people inside the car with more people trying to get in, causing the drunk ones inside to sing variations "one more will fit inside yet," is a frightening experience when you yourself are actually sober. At least for me it is. Also you have to watch out not to be barfed on.

To finish on a brighter note, I just watched the newest Farscape episode, 4x12 Kansas. Spoilers...

I'm no good at really analyzing the complexities that are a Farscape episode, but I just wanted say that Aeryn watching the Sesame Street and reacting to it was great, that Rygel on a sugar high (and "adapting" the trick-or-treat tradition) was hilarious, and that the Scorpius-Braca scene nearly made me shiver. Actually I could almost say Scorpius/Braca, after all Scorpius clasped Braca's head, kissed him on the forehead -- and not in a solemn "blessing" kind of way either -- and then Braca grasped Scorpius head in return... I mean, Scorpius/Braca isn't really my thing, though it has a certain twisted power dynamic going for it, but anyway I'm thrilled to see that Braca is still loyal to Scorpius (if in fact he truly is, but I think so). Kansas is a good mix of seriousness with humor in the best Farscape tradition, and now I'm eagerly waiting to see Terra Firma.

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